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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
  • I’m still not sure what you do, could you explain again?

Put simply we offer three main services, available separately or combined as a joint package:

  1. Video Production – A professionally produced promotional video for your business with the cost spread over 12 affordable months instead of an upfront fee.
  2. Hosting on our video-based listings directory – Get a full webpage to advertise your business on Tamar Valley TV including a video, photographs, description, links to your website and social media.
  3. Professional photography to support your brand (Coming soon) 
  • Why do I need a video?

The statistics speak for themselves, take a look at this infographic to the right (or below on mobile), provided by renderforest.com

  • Can I pay upfront or on completion rather than monthly?

No problem! We would request a 20% deposit upon inception with the remainder due on completion. Prices for one-off payments actually work out slightly better value because of reduced admin. See the comparison here

  • Can I have a video produced by Tamar Valley TV and not hosted on your platform?

Yes of course, although if you’re in the Tamar Valley area we’re unsure why you wouldn’t want to take advantage of the additional inclusive promotion for your business.

  • Can you guarantee that a video will help grow my business?

Having a video is just the start. You also need a strategy about how best to utilise it across your website, social media channels and email marketing and we can provide some helpful tips for your own promotion. There are no guarantees, however our platform allows you to ‘double down’, and take advantage of the additional exposure, and we have an ever-growing following on social media and as we grow our website directory is attracting increasingly more traffic.

  • What if I already have a video for my business?

We want Tamar Valley TV to be an inclusive platform for all businesses so we will be happy to offer you our hosting only package for only a small monthly fee, which includes displaying your existing video.

  • What if I would like a page for my business but don’t want you to produce the video?

Obviously we would love to make your video, but if not we still want Tamar Valley TV to be an inclusive platform for all businesses so you can have your video produced elsewhere and we’ll be happy to host it for you for only a small monthly fee. 

  • Can I have a page for my business without a video?

We feel we are a fresh way of visually promoting businesses in the area and part of that is the inclusion of video for every business, so it is a requirement to have one. There are multiple other listing platforms available to promote your business on a more text and image-based level.

  • What if my business is outside of the Tamar Valley catchment area?

Although our platform is designed to promote businesses within our locality we very often work on projects outside of the area and would still like the opportunity to work with you too so please get in touch.

  • What if I want a series of videos on various topics or aspects of my business?

This is something that you may already want or will come to light as the best way to serve your business during our initial consultation. We can definitely provide this at a bespoke cost, let’s talk some more.

  • I could do with a video but don’t feel my brand/website/social media/logo  is up to scratch

Video is only part of the package. We will be happy to point you in the right direction of some great web designers, social media specialists, graphic designers and marketing experts who we regularly work with.

If you would like a featured page for your business on Tamar Valley TV please contact us

Example videos of how we work:

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