The Big Beanbag Company

Producing high-quality bean bag products as eco-friendly and environmentally aware as possible

We are thrilled to have developed a long-standing relationship with the Big Beanbag Company and happy to say they are a regular client for both our video production and photography services. The video shown here is what we produced for a crowdfunding campaign they ran, and we have also taken all of the product photographs for their website and social media channels.

There is much more coming from our collaboration so watch this space…


A little bit about what they do:

Our bean bags are a world first. They are filled with BioFoam® beads, a compostable biopolymer made from plants. BioFoam® is child and pet friendly, doesn’t harm the environment and keeps its shape, ensuring our bean bags are incredibly comfortable.

Unlike most other bean bag companies, The Big Beanbag Company don’t use harmful styrofoam beads.  Most of these plastics end up in landfill or the ocean, taking hundreds of years to break down.  Styrofoam ends up floating on the water and being ingested by wildlife.  It has to stop.

We’re working hard to make sure all our products have minimal impact on the environment. We use threads manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, and all the materials we use in our bean bags, stools and cushions can be repurposed or recycled.


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