Boost: Feel Good Breast Forms

Our designs boost mood, shape and confidence.

When Sam’s Mum was unable to find a breast prosthesis that she could wear comfortably, Sam searched for an alternative. Discovering options were limited Sam and Rosie founded Boost Innovations Ltd to challenge the design assumptions of the breast prosthesis and disrupt the market with a desirable, colourful, comfortable new type of breast form.

We aim to create choice for women after breast cancer treatment therefore we have developed a new, comfortable and stylish breast form that presents an alternative to the beige, silicone gel filled designs that have remained largely unchanged since the 60’s. We co-design with the women who would wear our products, listening to their feedback and putting their needs at the heart of our designs.  Women told us that they found their breast prostheses hot, heavy, sweaty and uncomfortable to wear.

Our new design solves these issues and creates a desirable product. Recently, Boost has expanded research into new markets, co-designing with women through our ‘Life after Lumpectomy project’, creating prototypes and engaging in R&D to identify potential solutions for a new market. Working with our customers is our key principle – providing a voice for women after breast cancer treatment means that we can create products that our customers value.


Our Values

  • Choice
  • Self-Expression and Style
  • Breaking Taboos and Raising Awareness
  • Joy


What makes Boost different?

  • We founded Boost because we believe that breast forms don’t have to be beige.
  • Boost embraces the healing, celebratory and expressive qualities of colour.
  • We involve people who wear our products in our design process.
  • We are working towards creating a fully customisable product that puts wearers in control of the look and feel of their breast form.

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