Jill Penfold Actress Showreel

Currently working and living in the U.K with a base in both London and the West Country

After 12 years living in Los Angeles as an actor, fitness instructor and voiceover artist Jill Penfold has returned to the UK to puruse roles within British television. She felt her existing showreel had more an americanised look to it so came to Tamar Valley TV wanting to update her reel with some clips that had a decidely more ‘British’ feel.

We worked with her to develop, script and storyboard a series of four short scenes designed to showcase her flexibility for different types of roles that she could pass on to casting directors, which we then filmed and edited together.

This job was great for us in that it allowed us to flex our wings and pursue more of a narrative model than usual and it’s another case of making excellent connections that we can draw on in the future, as we have already worked with Jill again on another project for another client.

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